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About Us

As a leading provider of medium voltage electrical contracting in the Rocky Mountain region, we take pride in offering the best medium voltage electrical installations and 24 hour emergency electrical service. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers each and every day. 

International Power Systems has been in business as a Colorado (SBE) contractor serving clients in the local metro Denver area, and the adjoining Rocky Mountain region states since 1995. We provide construction and maintenance services, design/build technical services, and 24 hour emergency troubleshooting and callout services and repair.  

The principles and employees of the company have constructed, managed and supervised, literally hundreds of underground and aerial medium voltage projects for the commercial, industrial, and mining industries. Including government facilities, military bases, utility providers, and private primary metered customers since it's inception. We are well known for our competitive bid pricing with a long history of support and teamwork to all of our clients.

Our goal is to help you find alternative and unique ways to build or manage and maintian your power systems. Whether you are expanding your system or maintaining it, International Power Systems is committed to providing superior services at affordable rates. As your needs change, we look forward to any opportunity to help you re-evaluate those needs, and offer services that will help you achieve your new goals.

We bring to each project, the experience, financial strength, bonding capability, management expertise, and highly trained staff that it takes to succeed time after time.